Design Projects Story

Sun Salutations

This is a project was designed for a yoga teacher to assist her students in there personal yoga practise and to remind them of proper postures in their poses. The design idea was to have a handmade tactile look and for the collection of cards to be a personal keepsake. The use of a brown kraft paper background and strong shapes that appear screen printed achieve the handmade look.

A Sender Volume

I was asked to design the layout and production of this book of poetry. The poems are centred around the Dighty River in Dundee, a river with abundant social history and natural history. The concept of the book was to illustrate it with photographs of the poets hands, highlighting the array of ages between the poets reflections on their memories and experiences of the river. I designed the book in a square format with a two thirds inner page composition on the spread, allowing contemplation on the illustrations but also allowing for the words to breath in plenty space.

Young Mens Mental Health Leaflet

This leaflet was designed to attract young men to a new set of art, writing and drama groups with in the mental health organisation Art Angel.Young men have been identified as less willing to seek help regarding Mental health and this project is aimed at addressing this. I designed the leaflet in a slightly 'tongue and cheek' heavy metal style but keep the three colour stripes as a strong feature to keep the leaflet bright, keeping a sense of inclusivity.

Let's Walk

This leaflet was designed to encourage local people to use and explore a natural resource on their door step. During the production I worked with my photography group at Art Angel to produce photographs and experience the walks in the leaflet. I was involved in the entire production from photography to map creation as well as designing the product.

Art Angel Evaluation

Art Angel has been at the forefront of supporting people with mental health problems in their attempts to get better, and stay well through active participation in the arts. This is an evaluation report for them to track participants', volunteers' and staffs' experiences and outcomes over the past years. This is an important book, used in funding applications for the future running of this charitable organisation. It was essential to keep the stats and peoples accounts clear but in a way to reflect the fun creativity that Art Angel manifests.

Tour of Fife T-shirts

Tour of Fife is a running event with 5 races over 5 days. After the organiser seeing some of my linocut prints, he approached me to design a t-shirt to be handed out to all competitors. His brief was to do anything I liked… (not always helpful.) I knew he was interested in the linocuts so proceeded down that route to find a solution. My idea was to have a bombastic full size print over the front of the t-shirt on a can't miss me background. The scaling up of the image abstracted the fairly traditional subject matter of the runner running in the hills in a blast of sunlight.

A day in the life of Fin

This book was commissioned by the DightyConnect project in Dundee. Written and Illustrated by Nicky Wilkie. The creations of the illustrations had Nicky working with schools kids all over Dundee. I was asked to design this layout to be clean and simple and friendly to young readers.

Sgilean na Coille

This publication was the end of project report for the Sunart Oakwoods Initiative project Sgilean na Coille (Wood School.) I designed this with collaborator Ronald Macintyre. The project brief was to keep the book business like but reflect the work and activities undertaken by the project. It was quite a challenge to keep the book's design logical and engaging to read with all text being trilingual.

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